Custom Club Fittings

There are several variables that influence ball flight. These variables include club design, lie angle, loft, shaft flex, shaft length, and grip size. We are not built the same so why should you play golf with clubs that were designed for somebody else? Custom fitted equipment will make you a better golfer because it take the equipment out of the equation as a possible reason for undesirable shot patterns. Best of all ... The fitting is absolutely free and the clubs will be built specifically for you by the manufacturer at no extra charge!!! Golf Professionals are custom fit for their equipment. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

Maria has been a certified club fitter for over 27 years. She moved to Pennsylvania in 2003 and managed the Bumble Bee West golf shop while teaching and clubfitting at the East and West locations. She settled in at Dick's Sporting Goods for almost 10 years as the Golf professional/club fitter at their Carlisle Pike location. Let her experience as an LPGA Class A professional and vendor certified club fitter work to get you the proper equipment for your game. Schedule your fitting today and get ready to play your best golf.

We offer custom fittings for the following brands of golf equipment: Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, Cobra, XXIO, Odyssey, Taylor Made, Tour Edge