Mental Golf Profile

"Far too often, golfers improve their ball striking and short game abilities by practicing and working with instructors, but these improvements don't carry over to the golf course. Most players realize this problem is "in their heads," but they don't really know where to start in improving their mental games. Our profile puts golfers "inside their own heads" and they gain a clearer understanding of what really goes on in their golfing minds. - Bobby Foster

The Mental Golf Workshop™ Profile was developed by Bobby Foster, formerly a teaching professional and golf coach at the University of South Carolina. While at South Carolina, he coached in both Men's and Women's NCAA championships. Bobby has spent the last 15 years building a successful management consulting practice and is a Certified Behavioral Analyst specializing in the DISC Behavioral Style Model.


"We are particularly appreciative of Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Phillips Co-Founders of The Titleist Performance Institute and to Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott owners of Coaching for the Future Golf Schools for including the profile in their programs before we were totally ready to market the system. The feedback they've received from golfers at all levels has been invaluable and certainly encouraging. Pia, Lynn and Dave are Golf Magazine Top 100 instructors and Greg is a renown expert in the field of biomechanics and other scientific methods for improving golf performance. Pia has also been Annika Sorenstam's mental coach throughout her amateur and professional careers." - Bobby Foster

"The beauty of this system is that our players get an accurate and comprehensive report without having to spend hours completing laborious questions. You sure get a lot for the time and money you invest in this process." - Dr. Greg Rose, Co-Founder, Titleist Performance Institute

To take the proflie click on the Mental Golf Profile link below and enter your form of payment.  The fee is $65.

Mental Golf Profile 

Here's what to expect.  You'll spend about ten minutes answering seventeen multiple-choice questions on the online questionnaire. Your answers go through a series of mathematical computations to produce a 21 page customized report detailing your tendencies.

Your personalized profile will detail your mental tendencies in these five key areas of the game.


  • Preparing For The Round
  • Mental Tendencies When Playing Shots
  • Golf Temperament
  • Course Management And Shot Selection Tendencies
  • Working Most Effectively With Instructors Based On Your Learning Style


In the first section of your profile, you'll find five pages detailing your mental golf tendencies. To date, our test groups - including touring professionals, golf instructors and club players of all levels - have been delighted with the accuracy of their profiles.

After you review your present mental tendencies, you'll find ten pages of mental golf improvement ideas and many of these improvement ideas will be customized based on your DISC style for each area of the game. We suggest reviewing all of the ideas and then selecting a few at a time to incorporate into your practice session and as you play on the course. The ideas are written with the intentions that you can implement them right away.