Golf Fitness Evaluations

BIRDIE EVALUATION- This golf specific fitness evaluation will consist of 12 tests -pelvic rotation, pelvic tilt, torso rotation, overhead deep squat, toe touch, 90/90 pro, wrist flexion-extension, single leg balance, wobble board, seated trunk rotation, cervical rotation.  These are the same tests that Dr. Greg Rose performs at the Titleist Performance Institute for PGA Tour and LPGA Tour players when they want a golf specific fitness program built for them.  You will receive a detailed fitness program designed specifically for you and your needs.  The cost of this evaluation is $250.


Additional fitness programs include signing up for a personal webpage built just for you and your fitness program.  Your webpage will allow you to review your fitness program as often as you like, to watch videos of all of your exercises, and to have access to all exercises in the TPI datatbase.  Thiis access will allow you continue to make improvements and progress with your program as you improve.   The cost of the webpage is $150.